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showed my ass at school so daddy raped it

i ran 2 my daddy brians office as soon as i got home from school. i couldnt wait 2 tell him about the day i had at school. when i left in the morning daddy told me he wanted me 2 get my little ass ready 4 him when i got home so he made me put a cute little butt plug up my butt and told me i had 2 wear it all day at school. i did! i did exactly wat daddy told me. “omg daddy i had a great day at school. i kept my butt plug inside of me just like u asked me 2. i even flashed all my teachers today because i was so horny i couldnt stop daddy.” he was looking at me with a very mad look on his face. “u showed ur teachers ur asshole? who told u 2 be such a whore ally?” i was so confused. “i thought u wanted me 2 be nasty for u daddy?” i could see his face was getting even redder! “i want u 2 be nasty for me and me only. now ur going 2 be treated like the whore that u have been today. get down on ur knees right now!” i started laughing because i thought he was kidding. i was looking into his eyes for laughter or something 2 let me know he was kidding. “daddy?” he shouted. “i said get down on ur knees!” so i did. “unbutton my pants u little slut right now!” so i did. he shoved his cock in my mouth so hard i started choking immediately . at first i thought he was kidding until i seen him grab the sides of my face and start shoving his big pedo daddy cock down my throat. “please daddy!!” i managed 2 get out when he pulled his cock head out. “im sorry daddy! i will never show my little girlie ass 2 anyone at school daddy! only u i promise!” he didnt care wat i had 2 say. i know u will. i know u will ally! because u have been so fucking naughty that i am going to punish you for doing that.” he pulled me up and pushed me over his knee and started spanking my little ass until it was beet red. “i am going to hurt ur little butt until u understand that ur ass is mine!” over and over again he spanked me. omg i couldnt believe that he was punishing me like this. it hurt so bad i wanted 2 cry. “do u feel like showing off ur asshole now ally? do u? i bet u dont now!” he was right i felt like a whore and very ashamed of myself. i deserved everything that daddy was doing 2 me. he smacked my ass cheeks until they were so swollen he was tired from spanking me so hard. i just knew he was done so when he threw me off his lap i started 2 get up and walk toward my room. “oh no im not done with u yet! get over here!” he grabbed me and threw me on the bed on my belly. he put his legs between mine and spread them apart. before i could ask wat he ws doing i could feel this sharp pain in my tiny little girlie asshole. usually he tries to relax me before he sticks it in because its so big but he didnt care. i screamed so bad because it hurt each time he went in and out of my ass. spreading my cheeks apart. the more i screamed the harder he fucked me. pumping my little ass growling in my ear. “see wat u made daddy do because u were so a nasty little ass whore?” he pulled my hair 2 make my head nod yes. all i could do was cry in pain and pleasure. it hurt because he was fucking me so hard but it made me so happy that i made my daddy jealous. that means he really loves me. if i have to go through pain by my daddy to know he loves me. i will let him hurt me whenever he thinks its right. since it seemed like everytime i cried his name 2 stop he kept doing it harder i started calling his name begging him 2 stop. “please daddy please stop ur hurting me. i promise i will never do it again. please stop! he pushed harder and harder. he started going faster 2. he grabbed my hands from over my face put them over my red swollen aass cheeks and made me spread my ass apart. as soon as i did he dug inside me even more. my ass was on fire. “u nasty fucking asswhore. daddy is so mad at u. take it take all my cum in ur fucking nasty asshole little girl!” he covered my mouth. “here it cums” he thrusted and thrusted and thrusted so hard i thought i was going 2 die. “omg daddy please no daddy please i cant take anymore i mean it!” just then he came in my asshole so hard it was like he was injecting a donut with whip cream. he pounded me until every last drop was inside my little ass. “now suck me clean ur mommy will be home and i dont have time to shower.” so i did. “taste that asshole all over my cock and keep it 2 urself next time or else it will be worse.” i licked every drop of my ass juice and his cum off his cock. then he motioned for me 2 leave the room. in the nick of time because mommy just pulled in the driveway.

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