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walked in on my daddy


today we were let out of school because of finals. i wasnt expecting anyone 2 be home since i didnt tell my daddy and mommy about my testing. i walked in the kitchen door and grabbed one of my dads bears. i figure he lets me do it when we play so why not? i figured i would take a shower and make my self nice and clean for my daddy. he loves it when i wear pretty panties 4 him. i love the attention so i went upstairs. when i opened my door my daddy was standing in front of my mirror rubbing his cock through a pair of MY panties. OMG i was so shocked i dropped my bear. im like wat the heck daddy? he was speechless but panting really hard. he was wearing a purple thong of mine and boy was it tight on him. i could see his cock and balls so well through the panties. OMG and he had a crazy boner!!! “daddy? you like wearing my panties?? why?” i was so confused. he just looked at me with sex in his eyes and started stroking himself even more. it was like me looking at him made him even more harder. he had this huge tent right in front of me in my favorite panties. i told him those were my fav ones. i told him he should have used the ones i had on they would have fit better. i pulled my pants down so that @daddybrian could see what panties i was wearing. “mmm i love those panties too babygirl they feel so nice on daddy” i dunno why but i felt cool having this moment with daddy it made me feel more comfortable with him. i started rubbing my pussy for him and he started stroking himself in those panties until he exploded in them. OMG all of this white cum filled my panties up. he was looking deep in my eyes when he did it. my daddy was so nasty. i knew he sniffed my panties but i didnt know he wore them.. OMG i cant believe i walked in on my daddy playing with my panties

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