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mommy is sleeping! lets play big spoon, little spoon daddy dont wake mommy she’ll FREAK!

i woke up out of my sleep and it was so dark in my room. i was clenching my strawberry shortcake doll so tight when i sat up, hoping not 2 see the boogy man. i hated sleeping by myself, but since mommy was back home from grammy’s house i couldnt sleep in his their bed anymore. so wat should i do? @daddymicah told me not 2 ask 2 sleep in mommys bed when she is home, because she will get jealous. maybe if i just went in their room 2 see if daddy was awake, maybe he can tell me a bedtime story 2 get me back 2 sleep. i crawled out of bed in my little jammy gown and went into mommy and daddys room. i seen that mommy was sleeping but daddy was moving around a bit. i tip-toed up 2 daddys side of the bed and lightly kissed him on his lips. “daddy? R u awake???” he woke up looking surprised that i was standing there. he leaned in close 2 me “wat R u doing up ally?” “i couldnt sleep daddy. and its so dark in my room. can i lay with u 4 awhile until i get sweepy?” he hesitated at first but after looking his little princess up and down he nodded “yes.” i crawled up in daddys arms so he could be big spoon and i could be little spoon. i luv playing that game with daddy. it always makes me feel so warm inside. i let my little bottom rub against daddys. i wanted 2 keep his mind off sending me back 2 bed. he hugged me tighter. “i luv laying with u daddy.” “SHH! dont wake up mommy. she doesnt kno about us playing this game and she can NEVER find out ok?” i wiggled my little booty 2 let him kno i understood him. i could lay here all nite. i didnt even realize how much i was wiggling my little bottom against daddy. my little nighty gown started rising up. i wasnt wearing and panties because i knew i was going 2 sleep with daddy and he NEVER likes me 2 wear them when im around him. i could feel daddy get hard and start poking my bottom with his pee pee. he was breathing deep in my ear. “wat R u doing baby girl. dont do that. wat if mommy wakes up and catches us, we will be in big big trouble.” i pushed my bottom against daddys then rolled my booty around in a circle. “shhh daddy if u be quiet u wont wake up mommy daddy. im little spoon and ur big spoon daddy.” he moaned louder in my ear. i could feel his pee pee cumming out of his jammies hole poking against my little butt crack. it was so wet and getting wet stuff all over my little bottom. “no no ally dont! please dont!” i pushed my little bottom as much as i could until i felt daddys pee pee head push into my little pee pee hole. i couldnt help yelping because it scared me. daddy covered my mouth has hard as he could and whispered in my ear “shhhh baby girl u will wake up mommy. im big spoon!” he kept pushing against my bottom but it wouldnt go in. so daddy grabbed me around my little hips and pulled me back on his big ole hard pee pee. i dunno why but i was getting really really slippery in my pee pee and daddy noticed it 2 because he started pushing deeper and deeper in my pee pee until i felt it in my belly! “daddy! daddy! wait!” i tried 2 say underneath his hand over my mouth. he just pushed his hand over my mouth harder and pushed his pee pee in harder. his other hand was over my belly. daddy luvs 2 feel my tummy poke out each time he pushes his pee pee all the way inside me. mommy was starting 2 move around so daddy started doing it faster, and harder and faster. i didnt want 2 get caught so i was as quiet as i could be while daddy pounded and pounded inside me. daddy got as close 2 my ear as he could and whispered “daddy is going 2 cum inside u now ally. ok?” i nodded my head with his hand still so firm on my mouth. all of a sudden with daddy started doing it so fast i could hear his basketballs slapping on my little bottom. its always funny when he does that. then i felt my little tummy fill so full because daddy started shooting all his happy daddy juice inside my little hole until it was all inside me. he pinched and twisted my little nipples so hard they were red. “im tired daddy. im going 2 bed now before mommy wakes up k? he nodded quietly. i crawled out of the bed and as soon as my feet hit the floor i could feel daddys happy juice start running down my leg. i ran quickly so i wouldnt get it on the floor. nite nite daddy!

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